Max Besora IN RESiDENCE at the School Doctor Puigvert

Max Besora a Lletres a les Aules

Max Besora (Barcelona, 1980) graduated in Literary Studies from the Universitat de Barcelona. He holds two MAs, one in the Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature and the other in Training for Teachers of Compulsory Secondary Education, Advanced Education, Vocational and Professional Training and Languages. He is currently completing his PhD thesis on academic fictions.

As a poet, he has given readings at the Sala de Ensayos in the Teatro Liceo in Salamanca alongside the poet Eduard Escoffet (2006), the Festival de Poesia de Barcelona (2010), the Festival Ingràvid in L’Empordà (2010), in the Parco Nazionale dell’Alsinara on Sardinia with the poet Ricard Ripoll and the poets Ester Xargai and Carles Hac Mor (2011) and at the Festival Poesia i + in Caldes d’Estrac with the writer and journalist David Castillo (2014). His publications include the poetry collection L’espectre electromagnètic, for which he was awarded the XLIV Recull - Benet Ribas Prize for Poetry (Pagès Editors, 2008), and the novels Vulcano (LaBreu Edicions, 2011), La tècnica meravellosa: una novel·la de campus (Males Herbes, 2014) and Aventures i desventures de l'insòlit i admirable Joan Orpí, conquistador i fundador de la Nova Catalunya (Males Herbes, 2017), for which he was awarded the 2017 City of Barcelona Prize for Literature in the Catalan Language.

He has lectured at the UNC Asheville (USA), the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Romania), the University of Gdańsk (Poland) and the Kyiv National Linguistic University (Ukraine). He teaches languages for foreigners in language schools and writing at the Escola Bloom.

Biography made in 2018

School Doctor Puigvert

The school is participating for the seventh time in IN RESiDENCE. In the previous editions, Luis Bisbe, Jaume Ferrete, Francesc Ruiz, Luz Broto, Ana García-Pineda and Enric Farrés Duran took up residencies here. The school is linking its participation in the programme once again to a group of pupils in the first year of compulsory secondary education.


Institut Doctor Puigvert is very close to the Trinitat road network and the course of the Besòs river. It was opened in 1985, although the current building was not inaugurated until the 1991-92 school year. Its faculty agreed to name it the Institut Doctor Puigvert in honour of the urologist Antoni Puigvert (1905-1990), whose childhood was closely linked to Sant Andreu. 

Presentation updated in September 2023


Students (1st ESO)
Ana Batalla Jarabo, Clàudia Carles Milàn, Irene Ferro Moral, Elias A. Garcia Val, Sila Goberna Llopis, Yaiza González Domínguez, Berta Lopera Pérez, Laura López Gil, Carla Mas Ros, Cristina Mendoza Ruiz, Irene Muñoz Calvo, Leyre Olivera Serrano, Marta Pujadas Solé, Andrea Rodríguez Romo, Eva Romero Monjas, Paula Vicente González and Alejandra Willka Pérez

Mercè Gaja and Carolina Vega 

Curation and coordination
Escola Bloom

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona

Residence tied at Barcelona Ciutat de la Literatura UNESCO