Mariona Cañadas and Pedro Murúa IN RESiDENCE at the School Escola El Molí

Mariona Cañadas (Barcelona, 1991) and Pedro Murúa  (Santiago de Chile, 1991)

We are Mariona and Pedro. Together, we research textile and sculptural language possibilities in the field of contemporary visual arts.

We met while studying textile art at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, and since then we have continued our journey together.

Our artistic practice is based on the expressive value of materials linked to personal, cultural and natural experiences. We understand materials beyond their physical, structural and constructive qualities. Where they come from, how they have been manipulated and transformed, people's experience of caring for them, the socio-cultural context and region in which they exist, are all aspects that challenge us and lead us to manipulate them in a certain way.

In artistic development, we approach the deposit of the material and manipulate it according to its context.  In these processes, often close to the performative experience, we are interested in the subtlety of change and progressive construction, marked by the temporal dimension that traces the action.

In recent years we have been involved in various artistic residencies, such as the stay at the Hørvævsmuseet (Museum of Fine Arts and Crafts on the Danish island of Fyn, 2019) and the Buen Vivir Artistic Residency (Euskadi, 2021), which gave us the chance to get to know and work with different materials and craft processes. We have participated in festivals such as l'Embarrat (Tàrrega, 2023) and Hilari(um), festival of Land Art and ephemeral installations (Cardedeu, 2022). Our work has also been shown in individual and collective exhibitions such as the project Mieses (Museu Tèxtil i Centre de Documentació de Terrassa, 2022) and the exhibition Tejidos y no Tejidos, curated by the gallery Espacio Intermedio (Madrid 2023), among others.

We are currently enjoying a creative residency at Casa Aymat in Sant Cugat del Vallès, from where we continue our artistic exploration.


Presentation updated in September 2023

School Escola El Molí

This is the first time that the Institut Escola El Molí (La Prosperitat, Nou Barris) has taken part in EN RESiDÈNCiA, which will begin its journey in the 2022-2023 school year as a project to transform and merge two historic schools: the Escola Prosperitat and the Institut Galileo Galilei. The name of the new educational centre refers to the mill that used to be there when the street was opened, and which also gives its name to the street.  The building also houses the La Guineu games centre which was founded in 1981 and was the first municipal games centre in Barcelona. It was the result of a popular initiative by the residents and the AMPA of the Escola Prosperitat school.

Presentation updated in September 2023


4th ESO students


Montse Cortés and Míriam Franch

Committee and coordination

A Bao A Qu


Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona