L'Automàtica IN RESiDENCE at the School Poeta Maragall


Edition of 250 copies

Work as part of L'Automàtica's residency was based on meditation on words and their meaning, and the relation that each word has with its context and the different techniques we used to reproduce it. A critical glossary was drawn up and work also focused on different printing techniques according to need. Particular attention was paid to lead typographies, but also lino printing, die stamping and die cut printing.

Over the course of the residency, several objects were produced: calling cards, a card with the word selfie, bags featuring phrases and slogans, a poster for the school with the slogan “Levántate y grita” [Get Up and Shout] and some CDs with the residency playlist, including design of the cover. Finally, the group produced the publication Text.


Public presentation at the headquarters of L'Automàtica

The presentation of the publication Text, with the rest of the work produced as part of the residency, took place at 9 pm on May 14 at the headquarters of L'Automàtica. The pupils themselves gave the presentation, along with the artists Ricardo Duque and Linda Valdés (the members L'Automàtica mainly involved in the residency), which was attended by friends and family as well as some of the teaching staff from the school and other members of the L'Automàtica. The presentation was also attended by representatives of ICUB and Barcelona Education Consortium, as well as people linked to the world of culture and the other members of the art group. The event was organised as part of the Barcelona Poesia poetry festival.


Text of the presentation

Four pupils took part in the presentation, introducing the ideas that the whole group had worked on. As they mentioned different objects, the other pupils placed them on show. Finally, the publication was presented, and copies were given out to all members of the public, who were encouraged to use them. Ricardo and Linda closed the presentation.

There follows an extract from the pupil's presentation:

“In this optional art subject, we have learned many things, each of us has learned different things, more or less, to one extent or another; it makes no difference.

I, for example, learned to respect and get along with others; I learned that we all have different tastes, different problems, different hang-ups, etc.

Our group was incredible, the pupils, the artists and the teacher, everyone. Sometimes we all cooperated, sometimes no one cooperated, sometimes a few cooperated, but that doesn't matter either: we achieved what we set out to do and we did what we had to do.

This is a group formed by people with different ideas who, together, took part in enjoyable, varied classes.

As a whole, the group has learned, I think, to work both individually and in groups, to exercise our imaginations, our creativity, etc.”