Josep Pedrals IN RESiDENCE at the School Poeta Maragall

Born in Barcelona in 1979, Josep Pedrals is a poet and reciter. For many years, he worked as a bookseller whilst his poetry began to spread on several fronts. Since 1997, he has brought poetry to the stage, working mainly on the sonority and physicality of verse. He has performed in Europe (France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, etc.), Asia (Japan) and America (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala and so on). He has won awards at many contests of recitation, including the Osaka International Slam (2009).

Josep Pedrals has also written several short play, ( including Estat major, Entremès, Ecs!…). He co-directed the transdisciplinary show Wamba va! (Mercat de les Flors, 2005), created in cooperation with Gerard Altaió, Eduard Escoffet and Martí Sales. In May and June 2012, La Seca Espai Brossa presented a Josep Pedrals season, featuring the works En comptes de la lletera (with Jordi Oriol, Carles Pedragosa and Àlex Aviñoa) and El furgatori (a stage adaptation of his book of the same name, directed by Iban Beltran). In June 2014, he presented Safari Pitarra (written with Jordi Oriol) at the TNC. 

A former member of the funky-pop group Explosion Bikini (1999-2004) and the duet Guillamino+Pedrals (2006-2008), Josep Pedrals currently leads the ironic pop band Els Nens Eutròfics, whilst also performing in the duet Pedrals+Sagrera, with Albert Sagrera on guitar. He creates poetic and musical shows with Xavi Lloses: Eufèmica au Fènix (2013) and El dubte melòdic (2015). In June 2013, Josep Pedrals received the Golden Letter Prize for the best book published in Catalan the previous year for El romanço d'Anna Tirant. In December 2014, Time Out Barcelona awarded him the prize for best artist of the year.

Biography written in 2015

School Poeta Maragall

The school took part in the EN RESiDÈNCiA programme for the second time in the sixth edition of the initiative (2015-2016) with a project developed in cooperation with L'Automàtica. In this edition, Institut Poeta Maragall is once more participating with a group of fourth-year secondary pupils. 


The Institut Poeta Maragall (Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample) was the first mixed secondary school in Barcelona and was also the first in the city to offer post-compulsory secondary education taught as evening classes (1955). Created in 1932 at the height of the Second Republic, its seed was the pre-existing Institut Infanta María Cristina for girls. Its current building dates from 1967. The art education offered in the sixth form at the Institut Poeta Maragall includes the visual arts, image and design, the performing arts, music and dance. 

Presentation written in 2018


Students 4th of ESO:
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