Jordi Lafon IN RESiDENCE at the School Narcís Monturiol


This rhetorical reasoning arose in the middle of a walk within the framework of the project Venen de lluny [They come from afar] that Anna Dot presented for the ARBAR space in La Vall de Santa Creu in the summer of 2020, in which she suggested certain parallelism between land and air routes, between travelling and waiting, between plans and perceptions. For the inResidence proposal, where the artistic event enters the classroom, this phrase becomes the central idea to reflect on the fact of wanting and flying.

We will start from the methodology of Deriva Mussol, which alternates walking as an aesthetic practice with debate, called Hablemos en su contexto [Let’s talk in context]. The Hablemos spaces are of opportunities, of exchange of ideas and perceptions that can help adjust the different considerations that arise regarding what happens in the outings on foot. Listening and mediation with the group will be suggested to discover their interests, desires, strengths and weaknesses. The idea is to stimulate participation and collaboration to form a cohesive group able to deal with the different proposals that are suggested from a common space of coexistence.

Walks around the environment defined by the location of the school and the district of Montbau will mark the starting point, afterwards, with the Hablemos, the sessions will be adjusted by the proposals. Walking in an attentive manner will contribute to an experience that will be complemented with the urge to test approaches through objects, drawings, maps, photographs, videos and texts. At the end, all this material must be susceptible to an order to create a publication that explains and reflects on the process experienced.