João Lima IN RESiDENCE at the School Bernat Metge

João Lima (Brazil, 1980). He works as a choreographer, performer and cultural producer for various artistic organisations. He was part of the choreographic research and creation course at Fórum Dança, in Lisbon, and he also completed ESSAIS training at the National Centre for Contemporary Dance in Angers, France. For nearly twenty years, he has performed and taught theatre and dance in Latin America and Europe. From 2009 to 2014, he directed the Performing Arts Coordination Forum in Recife. His creations include O Outro do Outro (2010), Ilusionistas (2012 Klauss Vianna Award), Morder la Lengua (2014 Klauss Vianna Award) and, more recently Vibrar el temps (2018), as part of the “Tot Dansa”, promoted by Mercat de les Flors, the Institut del Teatre and the Barcelona Institute of Education. A Philosophy graduate from the University of Barcelona, he works with the magazines Negratinta (ES), Yuca (GB), Continente (BR) and Interdanza (MX).

Presentation updated in September 2019

School Bernat Metge

The Bernat Metge secondary school (La Verneda and La Pau, Sant Martí) took part in the first edition of IN RESiDENCE (2009-2010) with Daniel Chust Peters. Now it is participating again with 4th year ESO students.


The Institut Bernat Metge has been open since 1972, offering compulsory (ESO) and sixth-form (batxillerat) secondary school education.  A series of improvements have been carried out to the school as part of the Neighbourhood Plan, including an educational and social intervention, with the participation of the educational community and social, economic and local neighbourhood stakeholders.


Students 4th of ESO
Nimra Abbas, Yessenia Aguilar Dávalos, Víctor Antoranz López, Jesús Chacón Ríos, Ausrah Hayat, Carla Lara Morales, Dalila Lopez Vera, Ainhoa Martín Hidalgo, Andrea Melero Atienza, María  Muros Perfecto, Martina Parramón Siso, Sofia Perdomo Scarpa, Lucas Pereira Ferreira, Sergio Pérez Valencia, Angel Ramos Garcia, Anabel Robles Martínez, Lisseth Rubio Galarreta, Georgina Sanchez Peña, Sara Torres Sánchez, Abril Villanova Corredoira and Pei Pei Ye Xia

Amadeu García and Eva Navas

Curation and coordination
Mercat de les Flors – Graner

Directed by
Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona

Residence tied to Pla de Barris