Jaume Ferrete IN RESiDENCE at the School Doctor Puigvert


The voice is the focus of attention for the work of Jaume Ferrete (Barcelona, 1980). In the artist’s work, he explores the voice as construction and node in which physiological aspects overlap cultural, biological and psychological factors. The voice is seen as a tool for transmitting meaning, for activating a performative practice linked to the body and, also, as a framework from which to address certain debates to which it is linked both implicitly and explicitly. Jaume Ferrete works with such formats as concerts, workshops, radio, the Web, CDs and conversations as a way of actively exploring different relationships, practices and knowledge in more extended formats such as exhibitions and artist’s publications. 

The projects that Ferrete is currently work on are: VozMal, initially a discursive music CD that explored discourses on the voice and, later, a live show fusing concert, performance and somatic practice; VozFiles, a project based on gathering and circulating conversations and interviews about the voice with writers, people from the world of dance, LGTBQI activists, academics, dub artists, cultural critics and others; VozRara, in which, adopting a workshop format, the artist meditates on the interplay between practices and knowledge of specific people and places and his own research and practice on the theme of the voice. 

Jaume Ferrete has shown his work at the Galeria Estrany de la Mota in Barcelona and Urban Video Project, New York, amongst others. In the field of education, he teaches on the MA course in Communication and Art Criticism at the University of Girona and the MA course in Sound Art at the University of Barcelona, amongst others. In the field of the performing arts and music, he has performed at the Antic Teatre and the LEM Festival in Barcelona and Poetas por km2 in Madrid. Since 2008, moreover, he has been in charge of coordinating the Sons de Barcelona sound project (http://barcelona.freesound.org), launched by the Music Technology Group at Pompeu Fabra University. Ferrete has worked with several primary and secondary schools within the framework of this last project. 

Biography written in 2013

School Doctor Puigvert


Institut Doctor Puigvert is a secondary school in Sant Andreu district. In the 2012-2013 academic year, this plural, active, participatory state school took part in the In Residence with Lluís Bisbe. The result was the work Desalumnologia (“Depupilology”), which was installed at the school itself. In the fifth edition of the project, the school took part with a group of students from the first year of ESO compulsory secondary education.


The Institut Doctor Puigvert is very close to the Nus de la Trinitat highway interchange and the Besòs River. It began to take in pupils in 1985 even though the building was not officially opened until 1991-1992. The staff agreed to name it in honour of the urologist Antoni Puigvert, whose childhood was closely linked to the neighbourhood, where he lived as a small boy. 


Students 1st of ESO:
Jaume Alcaine, Serigne Andrés, Silvia Cabo, David de las Heras, Joan Domínguez, Mireia Durán,  Eva María Galindo, Elizaveta Grabovskaya, Alba López, José Antonio Moreno, Edgar Nieves, Marc Parra, Judith Salvador and Noé Sitjas

Mercè Gaja (educational coordinator and teacher of visual and plastic education) and Montserrat Ciuró (director)

Curation and coordination:
Joan Miró Fundació de Barcelona
Colectivo Azotea

Directed by:
Culture Institute of Barcelona
Barcelona Education Consortium