Irena Visa IN RESiDENCE at the School La Sedeta

Irena Visa (Banyoles, 1985)

Irena Visa has a degree in Audiovisual Communication, she studied Applied Arts in Sculpture at the Escola La Llotja (Barcelona) and has completed a Master's degree in Artistic Production and Research at the University of Barcelona, in the field of research. Her artistic practice is often interested in signs that indicate hypothetical phenomena in the museum context but also in the natural, urban and artistic environment.

Her work can be seen at the Fundació Miró, the Fundació Tàpies, the Fabra i Coats, the Espai Bòlit, the Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, the MAC Mataró, and the Casa de Cultura de Girona, among others. 

In recent years, she has received research and production grants from the OSIC (Generalitat de Catalunya), the Fundació Guasch Coranty, the Ajuntament de Girona and, recently, also from BCN producció (La Capella, Barcelona).

Since 2019 she has been collaborating with the stage company Contenidos Superfluos as a playwright, and her plays have been premiered at the Teatre Lliure, the Sala Hiroshima, the Sismògraf festival (Olot), the GREC festival and the Viu Montjuïc festival. 

She has been a resident artist at the Centre d'Art Santa Mònica for the last two years and is a lecturer on the Arts Degree at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

Presentation updated in September 2023

School La Sedeta

This is the first time the Institut La Sedeta (Camp de'n Grassot, Gràcia) has participated in EN RESiDÈNCiA. The school is located in the premises of the old Pujol i Casacuberta textile factory, known as La Sedeta for its silk fabrics production, which ended its activity in 1975. It was then that an intense community movement led the Town Council to expropriate the site occupied by the factory, which was the starting point for the construction of housing by a banking institution and the start of the current facilities project.

The factory site, which is part of the historical-artistic heritage of the city of Barcelona, now houses the Escola La Sedeta, the Institut La Sedeta (inaugurated in 1983) and the Centre Cívic La Sedeta.


Presentation updated in September 2023


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