Elena Blesa and Todo por la Praxis IN RESiDENCE at the School Joan Salvat-Papasseit


Elena Blesa Cábez

I am a researcher, artist and a mediator. I place myself at an intermediate point between pedagogy and artistic production. My work focuses on the activation of alter-institutional educational platforms and the analysis of their potential to imagine possible futures.

I form part of several trans-territorial platforms that experiment in the crossing between arts and activism. I have been a resident artist in FASE (Hospitalet de Llobregat) since 2018.


Todo por la Praxis (TXP)

An artistic group composed of the visual artist, researcher and educator Jo Muñoz (Chilean) and the architect and artist Diego Peris López (Spanish). Their interests place the focus on dissent as forms of political resistance which build other possible imaginaries. They use collaborative practices to install critical thinking spaces and agitprop, the contra-publicity and the visibility or communication war as aesthetic / political countermeasures. With this, they seek to activate new transcultural subjectivities, as forms of emancipation and decolonisation of dominant thinking, based on research / production / action processes in both geographic and symbolic territories. They are based in an industrial warehouse located
 in the Vallecas neighbourhood in Madrid, which they restructured in 2021 and renamed it the Espacio de Todo (Space for Everything). This site is used as its own workspace and opens simultaneously to contain two initiatives which converse and nurture their creation projects: the already existing Do It Yourself Institute (IDYS In its Spanish acronym), as a platform for critical pedagogy and action, and the platform for research and artistic production called PIPA (as per its Spanish acronym)!

School Joan Salvat-Papasseit


The third time the Institut Joan Salvat Papasseit Secondary School (Barceloneta, Ciutat Vella) participates in the iN RESiDENCE programme. In previous editions, the resident artists were Perico Pastor (2012-2013) and Escarlata Circus (2017-2018). In this edition, a group of 3rd-year students take part. Salvat Papasseit Secondary School participates in the residency programme in a context of the transformation of its educational project and the renovation of its spaces and facilities.


The Joan Salvat Papasseit Secondary School was inaugurated in 1979, under the name of the Instituto Nacional de Bachillerato (National Baccalaureate Institute) “Barceloneta”. The school’s location made the most of the facilities of the old metallurgical factory “La Maquinista Terrestre i Marítima” (The Land and Maritime Machinery Manufacturer). On the grounds of the old naval factory we also find the Narcís Monturiol Institute (specialising in chemistry training courses), the Alexandre Galí Primary School, the Mar Municipal Nursery School and the Environmental Education Centre, La Fàbrica del Sol. A few metres from the beach, the Salvat Papasseit Secondary School is also very close to the Barceloneta Civic Centre, the Mediterranean School and the Biomedical Research Centre of Barcelona.


Presentation updated in September 2022



Students from 3th of ESO


Nacho Càncer and Amanda Soto

Curator and coordination
MACBA. Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
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