Eduard Arbós IN RESiDENCE at the School Montjuïc

Eduard Arbós was born in Barcelona in 1959. His work revolves around a meditation on architecture and its essential concepts: building, defining, opening up, etc. More particularly, Arbós explores the relationship between physical spaces and mental, imaginary, abstract spaces and structures.

In terms of form, his work takes many different shapes, ranging from abstract painting and sculpture to models, interventions in space, photography and publications, in which he combines image and text.

His solo exhibitions include particularly El hombre ama la casa y odia el arte (Espacio Independiente, Barcelona, 2011), Notas al margen (Galeria Alejandro Sales, Barcelona, 2010), Pieces and Parts (Galería La Nave, Valencia, 2009), Lindes (Galería BCP&P, Madrid, 2007) and Donde la mente habita (Galeria Alejandro Sales, Barcelona, 2005). He has taken part in the ARCO art festival since 1997 and has frequently featured on the programmes of Arte Lisboa and Arte Santander. He has also taken part in collective exhibitions at such galleries as Cànem (Valencia), La Caja Negra (Madrid) and Alejandro Sales (Barcelona). 

His works are found, amongst others, in the “la Caixa” Contemporary Art Collection, Caja Madrid, the Fran Daurel Private Cultural Foundation and Otten Kunst Raum (Hohenems, Austria).

Biography written in 2013

School Montjuïc

Institut Montjuïc has been providing education in the Zona Franca neighbourhood (Sants-Monjtuïc) for more than thirty years. The school takes part in the In Residence programme with a view to strengthening links between the centre and social and cultural stakeholders in the neighbourhood and the city as a whole, whilst also encouraging interest in art amongst pupils. A group of fourth year ESO compulsory secondary education pupils is taking part in the project.


The Institut Montjuïc has served its neighbourhood Zona Franca for more than 30 years. Its participation in IN RESiDENCE is connected with the school’s wish to forge additional links between itself and the social and cultural agents in its area and the city while at the same time fostering the artistic interests of its pupils. 


Presentation updated in September 2022


Students 4th of ESO:
Jason Andrade, Milbert Bautista, Juan Sebastian Caicedo, Noelia Cuesta, Josh Dean Velasco, Ivan Fuentes, Carmen Liarte, Santy Londoño, Maria López, Mark Mendoza, Guillermo Muñoz, Fidel Oyhenart, Noelia Pardo, J. Manuel Restrepo, Maria Salvador and Carolina Serrano

Vicent Santamaria (mathematics) and Quim Tubert (-)

Curation and coordination:
A Bao A Qu ​Association 

Directed by:
Culture Institute of Barcelona
Barcelona Education Consortium