David Franch IN RESiDENCE at the School Escola Eixample

DAVID FRANCH (Barcelona,1972)

I have worked in several companies as co-founder, co-creator and performer since 2001. Companies such as Amaranto, Colectivo 96º and Labuena Compañía. For our pieces we have had co-productions from Teatre Lliure, Mercat de les Flors, Centro Párraga, Escorxador d’Elx, CAET Terrassa, Escena Poblenou, Antic Teatre, Es Baluard (Majorca), etc., and support from CONCA, OSIC, INAEM (Ministry for Culture), Ramon Llull Institute, Graners (Generalitat Government of Valencia).

We have held creation residences in different parts of Europe and the Iberian Peninsula, showing these pieces throughout Europe and Latin America. Within the aforementioned companies, I have held different workshops on stage creation and community creation in cultural centres and festivals on the Iberian Peninsula, such as Casa Amèrica (Madrid), CAS (Seville), Teatre Lliure (Apropa Cultura), Sala Beckett, Teatre Lava (Valladolid), Conference of Inclusive Workshops INAEM (Córdoba), Espacio FA (Murcia), Espacio Tangente (Burgos), Festival VEO (València), Sismògraf (Olot), Roca Umbert (Granollers), Forn de Teatre Pa’Tothom (El Raval Women’s Foundation, AMICAL, etc.), etc.

I have also worked as a drama teacher in different civic centres in Barcelona such as CC Can Felipa, CC La Sedeta, Casa Elizalde, CC Drassanes, CC Fort Pienc, Civic Centre La Gavarra (Cornellà de Llobregat) and private schools such as El Timbal, Forn de Teatre Pa’Tothom, Factoria, Rinclowncito, La Visiva.

I have received three grants from OSIC for research and creation. The NORMAL project has received the most recent of these grants. I have also received a grant from Teatre Lliure, within the call for Carlota Soldevila Grants and, through the company Sambori and the Suara Cooperative, I have received a grant from the UN within the UN Development Goals 2030 Project to work with women at risk of social exclusion and loneliness.


Presentation updated in September 2021

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Contemporary creation is the core of the educational project of the Institut Escola Eixample, which was created in 2020 following the integration of the former Col·legi Immaculada Concepció school into the public network of educational centres in Barcelona, in a neighbourhood with a high demand for public places.

Presentation updated in September 2023


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