Big Bouncers IN RESiDENCE at the School Moisès Broggi


Mercat de les Flors (Sala PB)
Wednesday, June 6, 7 pm. Thursday June 7, 12 noon

"Since the start of this project we have asked ourselves: What motivates us? What interests us? What do we identify with, feel close to, comfortable with? What or who reflects us at this time in our lives?

The piece is built up from reflections. Reflections of what we are, what we would like to be, what we imagine. Reflections in which fiction and reality, truth and lies, image and imaginary become confused, in which what we see enables us to dream of other possible worlds. That is how we created this show, in which we try to reflect a process of collective construction in which each person contributes to the group and the group supports each individual, in this way creating a kaleidoscope of reflex images.”

ANNEX (Videos Gallery):
- Final presentation of the clip: "Acte Reflex" IES Moisès Broggi + Col.lectiu Big Bouncers
- Interview with students and theachers IES Moisès Broggi
- Interview with Big Bouncers Art Group (Mireia, Cecília and Anna)