Antoni Abad IN RESiDENCE at the School Poeta Maragall

Ara que tinc 15 anys [Now that I'm 15]

Ara que tinc 15 anys [Now that I'm 15]
Publication. Print run of 35 copies
32 x 23 cm. 48 pages with red thread binding

Description of the work
Ara que tinc 15 anys is a publication of panoramic photos taken during the work process. These photos are also accompanied by brief texts, tags and also process photos. According to Antoni Abad himself, the publication presents images which “delve deeply into different themes: loneliness as a result of rejection from the tribe that does not accept dissidence, isolation as a consequence of on-line relationships, the voice of adolescent expression that is not attended to, everyday life where a great deal more insults than praise are bandied about, discrimination created by affective relationships that do not fit into the heterosexual stereotype, citizens who try to put their own ball in the basket while rejecting the common one that would enable them to achieve collective feats.”

Reflection and a collective portrait based on the “experiences, expectations and opinions” that accrue over the course of the process.

The publication and entire work process were presented on 9 May at 7 pm in the courtyard of the La Central bookshop on Carrer de Mallorca. Students at the presentation explained the work process they had carried out over the course as well as the work created. The teacher Pilar Domènech and the creator Antoni Abad also explained the experience they had and the shared learning.

The presentation was attended by friends, family members, teachers and representatives from the ICUB, the Education Consortium and people from the world of culture.