Anna Serrano IN RESiDENCE at the School Montjuïc

Anna Serrano holds a BA in Audiovisual Communication, awarded by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She trained as a director and playwright at Eòlia and the Obrador at the Sala Beckett. She is the coordinator and artistic advisor of Els Malnascuts, the youth creation lab at the Sala Beckett. With them, she co-directed her first show, Like si lloras (Sala Beckett, Volksbühne and La Pedrera), the seed for the VVAA artistic collective, with which she has worked on all her following shows and is developing her artistic approached based on creation using unconventional and highly contemporary stage languages with the aim of transcending the space of individual consumption.

She co-directed Wohnwagen, first performed at La Seca - Espai Brossa and subsequently at the Teatro Español in Madrid during the ZIP festival, and Pool (no water), premiered at the Fira Tàrrega 2017 and later performed at the Sala Beckett in 2018. Wohnwagen was nominated for the 2017 Butaca Prize for the Best New Play and won the 2017 BBVA Prize.

Biography made in 2018

School Montjuïc

Following the residencies of Eduard Arbós, Lúa Coderch, Societat Doctor Alonso, Rodrigo Laviña, Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol, the school is participating for the sixth time in the programme, on this occasion with a group of pupils in the third year of compulsory secondary education.


The Institut Montjuïc has served its neighbourhood Zona Franca for more than 30 years. Its participation in IN RESiDENCE is connected with the school’s wish to forge additional links between itself and the social and cultural agents in its area and the city while at the same time fostering the artistic interests of its pupils. 


Students (3rd ESO)
Nerea Alberca Núñez, Saujan Bhattarai, Wiktoria Chojnicka, Abdelmoghit El Bouyousfi, Fernández Jiménez Joaquin, Garrí Darder Marc, Gil Cuestas Àlex, Huaringa Calvet Saori, Khamouch Sbay Marwa, López Montero Danelson, Maleno Domínguez Julian, Martínez de la Cruz Juan, Mercedes Martí Míriam, Monzó Espinosa Claudia, Quiñonez Infante Natalia, Rizzeto Trujillo Marco, Rodríguez Blas Raquel and Serrano Giménez Mireia

Vicent Santamaria and Imma Solé

Curation and coordination
Teatre lliure

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona

Territori Pla de Barris