Anna Pantinat IN RESiDENCE at the School Josep Comas i Solà


Anna Pantinat’s residency embraced a large range of expressive fields. The artist’s aim was to stimulate the pupils’ self, their inner voice. To this end, she started the course by proposing a series of challenges that, through games with language, could help to bring out the pupils’ more lyrical side. She also used narratives to encourage them to share their own experiences and feelings.

As the residency advanced, Anna looked to find new terrain for experimentation. In the musical field, the pupils learned the basics of soundpainting, the live composing sign language used to create guided improvisations using either voices or instruments. At this stage, the classes became highly practical; the group focused on improvising or generating dialogues by combining word, voice and different instruments. The group were even encouraged to make free creations, expressed chaotically and with no apparent meaning.

In the final stage of the residence, the classes went beyond just reading to focus on producing poetic material, in terms of both concept and performance. Walking around the neighbourhood and, especially, creating written descriptions, they tried to find elements of collective identity that could inform a discourse that went beyond the personal experiences of each different pupil.

Linked activity

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Salmon Festival
Exchanges of methodologies with two other classes from schools taking part in the Artists in Residence programme (the Montjuïc and Moisès Broggi secondary schools) at Fabra i Coats – Art Factory during the Salmon Festival.

Workshop with Za!
Guided improv workshop with the band Za! at Fabra i Coats – Art Factory, in which the three classes involved in the choral presentation for Poetry Week all took part. The session was designed to bring these three classes together to forge links.