Andrés Waksman IN RESiDENCE at the School Barri Besòs


“There are children in this world who only know what it's like to live in a war.
Not every day is green
Sadness is an emotion
A morning out of focus
A salvation's shelter
Even when things get difficult, I will not abandon my life
The tree is peaceful, not so much me
There is colour in grey
Let someone do it for me
It's all the same to me”

“We have built something that makes no sense
Or maybe it does
Life makes no sense either
It depends because
There are many things that make no sense though they exist
Such as what?
Such as the sea
Why is it there?
Why is there a sea in some places and not in others
I am tired
So let’s dream”

We present WAR, a stage allegory on war, the result of a process that was nothing other than a small war inside the classroom”

Choreography and stage management: Andrés Waksman.
Collaborators: Linn Johansson, Ainhoa Valle, Jordi Puigdefàbregas.
Music: ©Nils Frahm, Max Richter, Manu Pilas.
Lighting: Conrado Parodi.
Acknowledgements: Pedro Gutiérrez, Àngels Margarit and Sonia Fernández.
Mediated by Mercat de les Flors - Graner.

Featuring the 2nd-year compulsory secondary-education (ESO) students Jashira Aguilar, Andrea Barreras, Meriem Chakroun, M. Carmen Esquitino, Francisco Javier Ferrón, Sara Guitard, Tabassum Iqbal, Christian Tammoschath, Tarik
Trbovic and Antonio Vigo and the teachers Jordi Sánchez and Laura Domingo.