Mar 15

Third consecutive connection with Dansa Metropolitana

El Graner and La Caldera host a new edition of ‘Conversations, Processes of Creation and Movement’, a dialogue between artists, students, teachers and mediation teams.

Dansa Metropolitana, the festival that fills with movement twelve metropolitan cities committed to all the expressions of dance, will be held from March 10th to 27th. Within this framework, Barcelona will host a new edition of ‘Conversations, Processes of Creation and Movement’, the cycle of activities in the form of open rehearsal and space of dialogue and exchange between creators participating in Dansa Metropolitana and the teenagers, artists, teachers and mediators who take part in the current edition of IN RESiDENCE.

In this way, since the end of February four companies programmed in the festival have been holding open rehearsals, which are complemented with a joint conversation with the participants of the various residences to exchange impressions associated with the process of creation and share them with dance professionals and participants of more residences of other secondary education schools of Barcelona.


“Aclucalls”, “Concrete Matter”, “Cavalo do Cão” and “Panorama”

This year, the proposals of “Conversations, Processes of Creation and Movement” are closely linked with IN RESiDENCE because they involve creators who have been featured in processes of creation in previous editions, and because these proposals are performed in two creative spaces that are closely related to IN RESiDENCE, namely El Graner and La Caldera.

The first of these meetings was with Guillem Jiménez and laSADCUM, who presented Aclucalls, a dance creation that paints a grotesque portrait of the post-Internet generation and society. The open rehearsal and dialogue took place on February 24th at El Graner, with the participation of the IN RESiDENCE groups of the Doctor Puigvert, Emperador Carles and Infanta Isabel d’Aragó secondary schools, with a number of guests (artists and teachers) from other centres.

A few days ago, it was the turn of Mariona Naudín, the director of Los Detectives. This company presented Concrete Matter, a scenic device that speaks of realisation and projection through the mother/child relationship and places the focus on feminine referents and bodies: in this case, that of the creators and their own mothers, with whom they share the stage. This is not the first time that this performer, creator and stage director has come into contact with IN RESiDENCE. In the 9th edition (2017/2018), she participated in the programme with the Institut Barri Besòs secondary school. In this case, the open rehearsal and dialogue took place on March 10th at El Graner, with David Franch’s IN RESiDENCE group, at the Institut Escola Eixample secondary school.

This coming Friday, March 18th, an open rehearsal and dialogue will be held related with the piece Cavalo do Cão by the choreographer, performer and cultural producer João Lima, who participated in the 11th edition of IN RESiDENCE (2019-2020) with the Institut Bernat Metge secondary school. It will be held at La Caldera with the groups from the Comas i Solà and Barri Besòs secondary schools. It is a choreographic proposal in which the culmination of the process will take the form of a first performance with original dramaturgy, situated between contemporary dance, theatre and the visual arts. During the creation of Cavalo do Cão, João Lima had the choreographic assistance of Cecilia Colacrai, a creator also associated with IN RESiDENCE. Big Bouncers, integrated by Anna Rubirola and Mireia de Querol, also participated in the programme of the 2017/2018 course with the Institut Moisès Broggi secondary school.

The last meeting will be held on March 23rd at La Caldera, with Panorama, by Raquel Gualtero. Panorama aims to be an “impossible” mixture of fantasy, a sense of humour and a dash of hope on a stage. On this occasion, two IN RESiDENCE groups will participate: the Institut Escola Trinitat Nova and the Institut Vall d’Hebron secondary schools and three guest groups of TOT DANSA (Institut Domènech i Montaner, Institut Turó de Roquetes and Institut Nou Barris secondary schools). This will be an exceptional closure for a proposal of collaboration that is already consolidated with Dansa Metropolitana.

In the blog of IN RESiDENCE and in the sections for each one of the secondary schools, you will be able to follow the sessions and the most remarkable parts of the conversations between the artists and the IN RESiDENCE groups.