Mar 8

loscorderos, 2016 City of Barcelona Prize for Dance!!

We are pleased to report that the 2016 City of Barcelona Prize for Dance has been awarded to loscorderos, and would like to add our public congratulations to all those being received by this company, who were artists-in-residence at the Institut Milà i Fontanals secondary school during the fourth edition of IN RESIDENCE (September 2012-June 2013).

The full text announcing the verdict is as follows: “The Jury, formed by Sol Picó (Chair), Jordi Sora, Alexis Eupierre, Bàrbara Raubert and Tena Busquets, has unanimously agreed to award the 2016 City of Barcelona Prize for Dance to for their production Afasians - The Last Conference, a perfectly constructed, well-rounded choreographic creation imbued with the finest irony, which speaks of society, philosophy, the paradoxes of science and the power of the imagination, and has the capacity to constantly surprise the spectator”. This is a work “with which they have reached artistic maturity with a unique style marked by the fusion of languages and enriching collaboration with other artists such as, in this case, Za!”.

More City of Barcelona Prizes: The prize given to loscorderos joins two previous awards received by groups linked to IN RESIDENCE. Firstly, Abaoaqu, the association that helped to design IN RESIDENCE and which has cooperated with the programme since 2009, received the City of Barcelona Prize for the Visual Arts in 2015. And, secondly, ZA!, artists-in-residence at Institut Menéndez y Pelayo secondary school in the seventh edition (September 2015-June 2016), received the prize in music for their latest album, Loloísmo.