Apr 27

By Chapters EN RESiDÈNCiA at La Capella

Patricia Dauder / Natalia Domínguez / Gerda Kochanska /  Martí Madaula / Violeta Mayoral / Tanit Plana


In the context of the 13th edition of EN RESiDÈNCiA (2021-2022), 26 creative processes have been developed in public secondary schools of the city of Barcelona. For ten months, artists, teachers and groups of young ESO students have cooperated in the construction of a space for thought, action and investigation, overseen and accompanied by the programme’s mediation teams.

By Chapters is a collective exhibition that brings together the works and the working dynamics of six of these EN RESiDÈNCiA creative processes. Six artists of the Barcelona context with six of the city’s secondary schools. For this reason, the chosen title is maintained literal and neutral, avoiding forcing contents which, despite touching and affecting each other, could equally not do so.

In this way, By Chapters permits a constant exercise of autonomy and complementarity. Each chapter generates its own narrative and later – either at the staging level or by means of performance actions – gives way to a new narration. And as one chapter ends and another begins, some things remain, are maintained.

As if it were a compilation of independent stories, each artist and each school synthesizes their working dynamics throughout an academic year, and they do so understanding the function of exhibition as a laboratory capable of deploying itself in space and time to narrate something much more complex than a conventional exhibition. And this is the explanation of the coexistence of things as disparate or as closely related as urbanistic references to the deterioration of neighbourhoods (Patricia Dauder), gender perspectives that are absent in the official historic memory (Martí Madaula), questions of silence and listening (Violeta Mayoral), reflections on improductivity and captivity (Natalia Domínguez), subversions of the established order (Gerda Kochanska) or a performative and choral manifesto (Tanit Plana).

By Chapters displays the complicities and connections between artists, teachers and secondary education students, while the two positions explore, in real time, other systems of training, learning and shared experience.


By Chapters
EN RESiDÈNCiA at La Capella
From 24 May to 3 July 2022


Patrícia Dauder at the Institut Caterina Albert, mediated by A Bao A Qu.
Natalia Domínguez at the Institut Verdaguer; mediated by L’Afluent.
Gerda Kochanska at the Institut Doctor Puigvert; mediated by Experimentem amb l’Art.
Martí Madaula at the Institut Vapor del Fil; mediated by A Bao A Qu.
Violeta Mayoral at the Institut Vall d’Hebron, mediated by L’Afluent.
Tanit Plana at the Institut Infanta Isabel d’Aragó, mediated by A Bao A Qu.